Uber vs Grab ? What is the best for drivers ?

Uber vs Grab: What is the best for drivers?

Are you interested in driving for money, but you don’t know if you should choose Uber or Grab? Discover your differences and a winner chosen between Uber vs recorded below!


1. Customer appeal

Customers always look for the best offer and drivers want as many customers as they can. A comparison made between both driving services was made to show car travel costs from different collection locations that go to the Changi airport. Of the five comparisons, Grab was cheaper in three locations. Of the other two, the grip cost at maximum $ 0.30 more than Uber. Although Uber cost differences were of similar value in the other three locations, it is still useful for those with small budgets to save cents and ten cents; Especially if they use the service often. Grab tends to be cheaper for most car trips below 30 km.

Longer car walks are cheaper when Uber are taken but to savings of $ 0.30. In general, Grab is generally cheaper for customers. The two driving services have had a promotional battle of free points. Uber is offering credit points for credit card users. New card customers can be offered $ 150 UBER credits. Grab had been giving customers of new cards $ 120 in cash cash. The waves of the promotion codes were delivered by both companies, which makes their customers appeal more or less at the same level.

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2. Service and participation options

Both management services have standard economic cars or luxury premium trips. Drivers can participate in shared travel services. However, there are some differences:

– Uber is accessible for wheelchairs
– Grab can provide license taxis
– Bus and Transportation options are available with Grab
– Grab provides children’s reinforcement seats

These services provide a range of options for driver participation.

3. Benefits and incentives

Finally, everything is reduced to profits. Both Uber and Grab give drivers a 20% commission. Uber has a higher base rate of $ 0.50 and $ 0.04 higher per minute. Grab has a higher km rate for $ 0.05. Under the same driving conditions, net rates are practically the same with approximately $ 0.28 in favor of Uber. In the fall of 2016, Uber came out with a flat rate and obtained reduced rates by 15%. Both have pricing algorithms for high demand periods, also known as increase prices.

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QUB has a higher acceptance rate by 8% and both services offer weekly incentives for drivers they qualify. Uber allows customers and drivers to provide qualifications, while ARD only allows customers to qualify drivers. Unlike Grab, Uber does not allow drivers to see fate before accepting the work.

The winner

When all the dust has settled, Grab seems to be the best option for drivers in Singapore. Its lower rate gain can be compensated with client incentives that bring more passengers and drivers can benefit from these incentives by having multiple participation options.